even torn to pieces worship to the end

don’t let the sickness in.

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red and white?
pink, red, and white?
cream, red, and white?
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Writer's Block: Almost Famous
What do you want to be famous for?
I would want to be famous for my writing. I want to be famous for having an insane ability to transfer emotion through words. I want people to feel what I'm writing more than understand.

Understanding and feeling are two very different things. But we all know that.

I don't want people to ever sympathize with my characters. I want them to feel like they are there, like it's happening to them. I want them to feel the fear gripping their chest, to have tears in their eyes, to feel love. I want to become that powerful of a writer.

That's my goal in life.

That's my dream.

The Beginning...
My first livejournal entry. Well, what can I say?
Uh, I got into a car accident today. It was scary.
It was also the first time I ever got into one, so yeah, I was freaked.
But it's chill ^^ because no one was hurt.

Er, well...I'm not actually in the mood to blog xD but I felt I needed something here. So that's it for now.

Oh, and I love talking to people, so never be afraid to talk to me!


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